Adding Users

In most circumstances, your organisational users will be added using automatic provisioning. Please refer to the synchronisation (SCIM2) section of this guide for further information.

This functionality is for adding users that are not synchronised with your third party identity platform, such as administrators, and third party recipients.

To add a user, go to Configuration > Users, and click Add New on the following page. You’ll see the following pop-up:

Klaxon Add User Form

Enter the desired login email address. Then you’ll want to assign a role. These can be customised in some circumstances, but the defaults are:

Administrator – this role can perform operational administration, including User management, Service List management, and Location Management.

Major Incident Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete major incidents.

Mass Notification Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete mass notifications.

Planned Maintenance Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete planned maintenance items.

Subscriber – this role can access the Klaxon web dashboard, Smartphone app and view/receive major incidents, mass notifications and planned maintenance.

You can set the status of the login to be enabled or disabled and set a password. If you leave the password blank, the user will need to request the password is reset the first time they login.

You can bulk import users by clicking on the Bulk Import (CSV) option.

Klaxon Bulk Import Form

Please click on “Download user import template” and add the users you wish to import to this template.

Select the default role and location you wish the imported users to have, and then select “Choose File”, and click Save. Your users will be bulk imported into Klaxon.

Useful info:

    You can export your current users to a CSV file by clicking on the Export (CSV).If you need to edit or update a User, just choose Configuration > Users from the main menu and click the pencil icon next to the one you’d like to change.

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