Reach the right people at the right time

Subscription groups allow you to target only those affected to reduce notification fatigue and increase compliance whilst still ensuring mandatory alerts are delivered
sample Klaxon Notifications

Allow for opt-ins

Your users can choose their subscriptions to ensure they get information relevant to them

Set mandatory opt-ins

Ensure that those using core services do not miss important updates

User Management screen

Easy user on-boarding

Onboarding users couldn’t be any easier with a range of enrollment options such as secure invites to use the Klaxon platform, single sign on (SSO) and automated provisioning of new users.

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Downtime proof communication

Multi-channel alerting ensures that messages are delivered from our cloud based platform, even if your core communication services are down.
Klaxon Smartphone App with notifications.

Increase productivity

Notify people in minutes of an incident, set expectations and divert resources to keep everyone productive and costs down

Protect your service desk

Reduce email and phone calls to your service desk during a major incident, allowing the team to focus on being proactive rather than reactive.

Planned outages & maintenance

Allow your staff to view a calendar or dashboard of IT updates, outages or maintenance events that due to take place, in advance.

Increase compliance

Ensure devices are kept up to date to minimise the risk of security breaches and downtime whilst updates are completed.

Easy to use. Very stable and reliable. Support is great. When you're working with the support team, you feel you are working as one. Feedback is greatly received and appreciated and changes required were implemented. The tool has taken away all most of the manual intervention and moved us away from sending emails. We use Klaxon for Major Incidents and Planned Maintenance and Klaxon does what is says on the tin. Klaxon is easy to tailor to your process. We would never consider moving back to the old process.
Capterra Client Review
IT Business Partner, Global Law Firm

Dashboards to keep your users informed

Protect your ServiceDesk

Prevent excess calls and tickets to reduce risk of service desk overwhelmed

Planned  Maintenance

Give advance notice of any planned maintenance and allow users to add to their own calendars

Single Point of Truth

Users will always know where to find the correct information on any incidents or maintenance.

View all incident in a single dashboard on browser or Klaxon App

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