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Join Klaxon now to be prepared for emergencies, and mitigate damage. Delivering Mass Emergency Communication for the education sectors.
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Pilot Programme

Join our free Pilot programme now, to build long-term operational resilience with Klaxon emergency communications.

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* Limited time offer on a free 3 months pilot. Education sector also enjoy over 50% discount on license.

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Our Mission

To help the education sector build better operational resilience with effective emergency communication

Impact on Education

Keep Staff and Students safe during an emergency.

Klaxon communication help keep Student safe
Student Safety
Klaxon communication help keep staff safe
Staff Safety
Klaxon communication helps quickly disseminate critical information during crisis
Adverse Events

Designed to complement risk and digital strategies in education

Cyber Security Incidents

Increasing cyber attack on education institutions has major impact on readiness for incidents. Segregated from your organisation infrastructure, Klaxon complements incident communication help you to communicate when your infrastructure is under attack.

Disaster Recovery Readiness

Communication is a key part of managing recovery when disaster strikes. Seamlessly manage your mass communications with a well rehearsed plan in Klaxon, even when you have lost access to your corporate systems.

IT Incident Communications

From time to time, system issues will impact classrooms and lectures. Reduce the impact of system issues with timely incident updates and workarounds.

Managing Major Incidents

Student and staff wellbeing is a top priority for education institutions. Minimising risk and situation control are crucial for any Major Incidents.  Klaxon can complement your emergency communication to successfully manage incidents.  Emergency alerts can be sent in a few clicks enabling a faster reaction to any crisis.

Critical Message Broadcast

When a time critical message needs to be broadcast to wider users within your institution, you cannot rely on just email.  Klaxon offers multi-channel messaging to ensure that crucial information reaches your audience, hence eliminating single point of failure.

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