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[TEMPLATE] Pandemic Planning

Outline your strategy for communication during a pandemic or major health incident, and easily document your policies. 

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[EBOOK] Ultimate Guide to Incident Communications

Our guide to best practices for who should be told, the information that should be provided and when updates should be issued.

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IT Disaster Recovery Plan

[TEMPLATE] Disaster Recovery Plan 

Fill in your recovery plan objectives, scope, RTO & RPO, recovery strategy and more with our free disaster recovery planning template.

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IT Comms Policy Download

[TEMPLATE] IT Communications Policy 

Document your communication policies easily with our template, including our recommended service levels.

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Cyber Incident Policy Template

[TEMPLATE] Cyber Security Incident Policy

Reporting guidance and best practice for cyber security incidents, fill in your own cyber security incident policy. 

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Klaxon Technologies for Incident Communication

Klaxon Brochure

Deliver real-time messages across dispersed audiences, providing relevant information during critical incidents with Klaxon.

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