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Real-Time Incident Communication

Deliver real-time messages across dispersed audiences, providing relevant information during critical incidents to ensure business continuity.

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Instantly notify and engage the right team, every time

Broadcast critical notifications and alerts to dispersed users, dependant on their location, department or software.

Klaxon Technologies

Minimise alert noise and fatigue by reducing the amount of notifications being sent to the wrong people.


Users never miss a critical alert

Communication is tailored to each user based on their preference of alerts, whether that be SMS, email, browser or push notifications on mobile.

Klaxon Technologies

Direct communication when it's needed most

Isolate key information through notifications that don't get lost in the noise of everyday business issues.

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Keep your business running smoothly

Support business continuity and limit the impact of major incidents with Klaxon.

Quickly Deploy Alerts Across All Platforms

Real-time notifications that can be deployed across all platforms including email, SMS, Skype, and browser or mobile app.

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Reduce Communication Silos

Allow admins to easily send notifications across the entire organisation, quickly building trust between teams. 

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Drive Employee Productivity

Keep staff aware of disruptions in advance and let them know of any alternative work arrangements to maintain productivity.

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Proactively Communicate

Facilitate greater internal communication across dispersed audiences with service status dashboards.

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Centralise Business Critical Information

Find key information in one place, with notifications that are centralised away from everyday emails.

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Communicate Even During Downtime 

With our cloud-based service status, you can send notifications to your team even when business systems are down. 

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