Keep your people safe, informed and productive

Communicate effectively within your organisation with our major incident, mass notification and planned maintenance solution.


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Keep your team safe with time-sensitive communication updates

Manage major incidents, disasters, business continuity events, cyber incidents and other emergencies with instant notifications, preventing potentially damaging events from escalating. 

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Ten ways Klaxon can help your organisation

1. Protects your people

2. Maximises productivity during a crisis or major incident

3. Supports remote working

4. Reduces cost

5. Increases customer satisfaction

6. Protects your service desk from overload during an incident

7. Enhances your internal brand

8. Avoids email fatigue

9. Provides incident management information

10. Puts recipients in control of how and when they receive notifications

The best tool for efficient and flexible communication in your business

Choose Klaxon to improve the way you communicate

Multiple notification channels

Using our self-service interface, recipients can choose how they receive major incident notifications — through email, SMS, Voice/Telephone, Smartphone App, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and more.

Two-way communications

Customisable two-way communications across all devices allows recipients to let you know if they've been affected, mark as safe and more.

Efficient incident management

Create pre-approved templates for major incidents, mass notifications and maintenance events to save time and improve consistency in your organisation's incident management processes.

Short implementation times

Out platform is quick and easy to implement so there is no need to worry about lengthy projects.

Low cost & easily scaleable

Suitable for every organisation from less than 50 recipients to more than 10,000, with low cost per user and no hidden fees.

Simple, Secure & intuitive cloud-based platform

Our easy-to-use web interface is designed to be used quickly and seamlessly when emergencies happen.

Ensure everyone is informed and productive

We provide an easy-to-use interface with two-way communication that works across all of your devices, to ensure everyone is safe and informed during an incident. 

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Limit the impact of a pandemic or serious health threat on your workforce

Establish an emergency communications plan to respond to a health threat or pandemic outbreak efficiently, limiting the potentially damaging impact on your workforce.

Free resources and templates »

Download free templates today to help with your IT communications and management.

Ultimate Guide to Incident Comms

Ultimate Guide to Incident Communications

Our guide to best practices for who should be told, the information that should be provided and when updates should be issued.

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Pandemic Planning

Pandemic Planning Policy Template

Outline your strategy for communication during a pandemic or major health incident, and easily document your policies. 

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IT Comms Policy Best Practice

IT Communications Policy Template

Document your communication policies easily with our template, including our recommended service levels.

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IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Fill in your recovery plan objectives, scope, RTO & RPO, recovery strategy and more with our free disaster recovery planning template.

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Cyber Security Incident Policy

Cyber Security Incident Policy Template

Reporting guidance and best practice for cyber security incidents, fill in your own cyber security incident policy. 

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Works with the software you use

*Slack notifications coming soon.
Works with Office 365
Works with Microsoft Teams
Works with Slack
Works with Skype for Business
Works with ServiceNow

Be ready for whatever happens today

With real-time, reliable communications Klaxon helps to improve safety, mitigate loss, and save time. Use our platform to solve your challenges to connect any audience to important events as soon as they happen.

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