Adding Locations

Subscriptions are an essential aspect of the major incident, mass notifications and planned maintenance modules.

Major incidents can be raised against a location. Mass notifications and Planned Maintenance can be sent to people that have set the location as their default location.

In addition, the main Klaxon web dashboard can be filtered to provide a view from a specific location.

Go to Configuration > Locations, and click Add New. You’ll see the following pop-up:

Enter the location name and select a time zone. The time zone is used to render the correct time in each international location.

Add any subscriptions that you would like to be available and suggested for that location, when your recipients are setting up their notification preferences.

Useful info:

  • Use location names that are unique and clear and recognisable in your business.
  • Locations can be city names, your office names, or any other relevant name.
  • You can use the Advanced option to build a hierarchy of locations.
  • If you need to edit or update a Location, just choose Configuration > Locations from the main menu and click the pencil icon next to the one you’d like to change.

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