Adding Subscriptions

Subscriptions are an essential aspect of the major incident and planned maintenance modules.

They are the business services or technologies that your users are interested in receiving notification about when there is an incident or planned maintenance that impacts them.

These could be individual technologies like ‘Outlook Web Access’, or business services like ‘Email’, ‘Document Management’ or ‘Printing’.

Go to Configuration > Subscriptions, and click Add New. You’ll see the following pop-up:

adding subscriptions to user account

Enter the desired subscription name.

Untick the field ‘Do you want users to be able to opt-out of notifications for this subscriptions’ if you would like this to be a mandatory subscription for all users.

Tick ‘Notify users about new subscriptions’ if you would like your users to receive an Email telling them about this new subscription so that they can subscribe to it.

Click Next.

You can now associate locations with this subscription. This will help your users by know that the subscription is relevant for their location, and help to speed up the process of them selecting subscriptions.

Click Next

You can now associate users with this subscription, should you wish to. Click +Select to associate users with this subscription.

Useful info:

  • Use subscription names that are unique and clear and recognisable in your business.
  • Choose the Locations where you’d like this to be a Suggested Subscription.
  • If you need to edit or update a Subscription, just choose Configuration > Subscriptions from the main menu and click the pencil icon next to the one you’d like to change.

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