Adding Company Branding

Company logo

Your company logo will appear in the navigation bar, and on email notifications.

We recommend a 24-bit PNG format image on a transparent background, at least 200px x 200px. And please try to keep the file size below 100kb to avoid impacting performance.

Background image

You can customise Klaxon to fit in with your company brand by changing the background of the main web dashboard.

We recommend using images that are at least 1920px x 1080px. Smaller images will look low quality, and larger images could impact performance. Our advice is to keep background images below 150kb.

We also recommend that you don’t use a background image that is ‘too busy’. Elements of the web dashboard user interface could be hard to see in these circumstances.

Contact information

The content information displays at the bottom right of the web dashboard. Typically organisations use this to display the contact details of their IT Team, Facilities Team, Business Continuity Team and Cyber Security Teams.

Simple email customisation

With simple customisation, you use the default email template and customise it with your images. You can change the following:

  • Header image
  • Header image (left)
  • Header image (right)
  • Footer image
  • Footer text
  • Font size
  • Font Family
  • Mail background colour
  • Mail text colour

Advanced email customisation

With advanced customisation, you design a custom HTML email, and we upload it to Klaxon for you. With the advanced functionality, you can create beautiful looking emails that perfectly match your branding. We thoroughly recommend this approach. Please get in touch with the Klaxon support team ( if you’d like to see examples of customised emails.

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