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The following roles are standard for every Klaxon subscription.

  • Administrator – this role can perform operational administration, including User management, Service List management, and Location Management.
  • Major Incident Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete major incidents.
  • Mass Notification Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete mass notifications.
  • Planned Maintenance Manager – this role can add, edit, update and delete planned maintenance items.
  • Subscriber – this role can access the Klaxon web dashboard, Smartphone app and view/receive major incidents, mass notifications and planned maintenance.

Useful info:

  • Additional roles can be created by the Klaxon Support Team ( to suit organisational need such as achieving segregation of duty.
  • Almost any feature/functionality can be associated/disassociated with a role, providing significant flexibility.
  • Templates can be associated with specific roles by the Klaxon support team (, so they are only visible to that role. Please get in touch if you require this.


Klaxon supports three forms of workflow:

  • Approval of notifications. With approvals, you can designate a role (including custom roles that you create) that will receive and approve Klaxon notification requests before they are sent. This allows you to separate the responsibility for creating the notifications and approving them.
  • Alternative Delivery Channels – this is used with the major incident module and allows you to designate alternative delivery channels if a major incident impacts a delivery channel. For example, if you have a subscription called Outlook, and there’s a major incident affecting Outlook, it is undesirable to use email to notify recipients about the problem. So, in this case, another recipient notification channel can be used, such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Next update – Klaxon can issue reminders that an update is required for a major incident, when the ‘Next Update Time’ is about to elapse, and when it has elapsed. Reminders can be sent to specific roles.

Useful info:

    The Klaxon support team configures workflow. Please email your requirements to

User consent

You can configure Klaxon to ask recipients to accept a set of terms and conditions the first time they log into Klaxon. This is useful for covering your policy around personal data, and in particular, if you intend to ask people to input their personal mobile number.

Useful info:

  • If the recipient does not accept the terms and conditions, they will not receive any notifications in the future.
  • You can see if/when a recipient accepted the terms and conditions or not in the individual user record (go to Configuration->Users).
  • Our support team ( can customise the terms and conditions for you.


Klaxon supports several integrations with third-party products.

Authentication (SAML/OAUTH2)

SAML/OAUTH2 allows you to log in to Klaxon via a third-party identity solution such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Okta.

If configured correctly, the Klaxon login process can be fully automated when logging on from a corporate domain-joined computer. This offers the best ‘end-user’ experience since there is no need to enter the email address or password to log in.

Please click here for the set-up information.

Automated on-boarding/off-boarding and data synchronisation (SCIM2)

SCIM2 allows you to automatically provision and de-provision recipient login accounts and information, and keep other information synchronised with your third party identity solution.

You can synchronise the following with your third party identity solution:

  • Locations
  • Mobile phone number
  • Landline number
  • Groups

Please click here for the set-up information.

ServiceNow integration

Klaxon will soon support a fully featured integration with ServiceNow:

  • When you create a major incident in ServiceNow, a major incident will be created in Klaxon, which will trigger sending the notifications.
  • When a recipient clicks on an action response button, such as I’m affected, a child incident will be created in ServiceNow. This allows administrators to understand better who has been impacted by an incident.

Coming soon

Slack integration

Klaxon will soon add Slack as a recipient notification channel. You will be able to send Klaxon notifications to Slack users/channels using Klaxon.

Coming soon


Klaxon will soon support inbound and outbound webhook functionality. This will allow administrators to integrate with third-party monitoring solutions and service management systems.

Coming soon


Klaxon supports a full restful API, fully documented using swagger. Click here to access our API set.

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