Adding Templates

The template functionality allows you to create major incident, mass notification and planned maintenance templates to speed up the process of adding a major incident to the system, sending a mass notification or adding planned maintenance.

Templates are a great way of ensuring quality too, as you can agree on the text in a template ahead of it being sent.

We recommend you create templates for common major incidents and mass notification scenarios. e.g. Bomb scare, Pandemic communication, Flooding, Power cut,  IT data centre outage, E-mail system outage, etc.

Go to Dashboard > and click on the +icon.

Select Major Incident if you’d like to create a template using the major incident functionality, or Mass Notification if you’d like to create a template using the mass notification functionality.

Your menu might look slightly different if custom templates have already been added.

Customise the template as required.

Click on ‘Save as template’ and the following window will pop-up:

Change the name of the template to save a new template, or leave the existing name to overwrite it.

Ticking shortlist will show the template on the shortlist beneath the + icon.

Useful info:

  • Use template names that are unique and clear and recognisable to the users of the system. e.g. Bomb Scare, Flood, Cyber Incident, etc.
  • If you need to edit or update a template, just choose Dashboard > and click on the + icon and select the template you’d like to change. When you’ve finished, select ‘Save Template’.
  • If you did not add a template to the shortlist, then you can still access it by clicking on the + icon and selecting ‘From Template’. This will allow you to select the template.
  • If you require additional customisation of your templates, such as adding or removing fields, then please get in touch with the Klaxon support team to arrange this.

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