Steps to Add subscriber/ end users to Klaxon

Subscribers are the end users who will be the recipients of the Notifications, they will not have access to send the notification or performing user management.
Follow the steps to add users to Klaxon:

  1. Click on the ‘Import Subscribers’ from the Onboarding panel, it will load the page to add users with Subscriber roles to the system.
  2. The Users can be added either one by one to the system or they can be bulk imported to the system
        Adding Users One by One
  • Click on the Add New button on the Screen.

         Fill in the details of the user:

  • Login Id: fill in the work email Id of the user.
  • Status: Keep the status enabled to keep the user active in the system.
  • Password: Either fill in a generic password or leave the password blank, the users while logging in can reset thepassword with forgot password link.
  • Send an invite: it will send the Klaxon invite to the user.
  • Click Next.
  • Location: Enter the location of the user.
  • Mobile Number:  Enter the Mobile number of the user.
  • Notification: Keep it enabled so that the user can receive the notification.
  • Email Id: enter the email Id of the user.
  • Once details are filled in Click Save.
        Adding Users with Bulk Import
  • Click on the Bulk Import Option on Right Side.
  1. Once the Import of Subscribers has been completed, navigate back to the onboarding panel.

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