General Introduction to Klaxon Onboarding

Klaxon has an Onboarding Wizard which is designed to help in showing the steps to be followed to set up Klaxon.

Users can follow Wizard or can close the pop-up and follow the steps provided below.

  • Navigate to the Top Right corner of Klaxon, and click on the Settings button.
  • From the settings options Select the Onboarding option, it will open a list of sections which is part of the process.

The Onboarding steps of Klaxon will be Covered in Major 6 Sections

  1. Add Targets
  2. Add Subscriptions
  3. Configure Klaxon Options
  4. Import Subscriber
  5. Import Administrators
  6. Optional : Link Single Sign On

Steps to be followed in each Section will be discussed in detail. To Navigate to each section please click on the sections one by one.

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