Steps to Configure Klaxon according to Business Needs

Configuration Section provides Admin to Customize Klaxon according to the business needs.

Follow the steps to Configure Klaxon:

  1. Click on the ‘Configure Klaxon Options’ from Onboarding panel, it will load the page to set up Klaxon configuration.

        A. Which notification channels are available for subscribers? Select the channels which will be used to send out the notification to the end users.

       B. Which channels should we auto-subscribe new users to? Select the channels which should be auto-enabled for new users to the system.

       C. What days your company operates: Select the days when the company operates.

       D. Which hours do you normally operate in? Select the operational hours.

       E. Are all users required to provide consent before using the system: As Klaxon uses their personal data, the company can check box this option to request the users to provide consent if required.

       F. Would you like to enable weekly planned maintenance emails? Check the box to receive the weekly planned maintenance email.

       G. Would you like to send weekly planned maintenance email digests to recipients when there is no planned maintenance? Check the box if a Weekly planned maintenance email needs to be sent even when no planned maintenance is logged.

       H. On what day we should send them out? Select the day from the list on which the digest needs to be sent out to users.

        I. Should we auto-subscribe new users to that digest? Check the box if new users need to be auto-subscribed to the planned maintenance digest.

  1. Configure the system as required and click on the update button to save the changes.
  2. Once Klaxon Configuration has been set up, navigate back to the  onboarding panel.

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