Steps to be followed to Add targets to Klaxon

  1. Once the Onboarding option is selected, On the right-side panel, there is a list of steps that will help in setting up the Klaxon.
  1. Click on the Add Targets option, it will open a window to fill Locations.
  2. To add a main location to System, click on the ‘Add Top Level Location Button’
  1. Fill in the Location name and Select the Time Zone, Add the subscription applicable to the location if any by clicking on the + button, then click save to save the Location.
  1. The Main Location can have Sublocations Under it. To add a Sublocation under the main location, click on the + button in front of the Main location then fill in the details and save.
  1. To Edit the location, click on the pencil Icon, to delete the location click on the bin icon.

Note : To delete a Main location first the Sublocations under it should be deleted then the main location can be deleted.

  1. To Add groups to the system, click on the Groups button on top of the screen and click on Add new button.
  1. Enter the group name, add users to the group from the list by clicking on the + button, and finally click on the Save button to save the group to the system.
  1. Once location and group are added to the system, navigate back to the onboarding panel.

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