Responding to notifications

Klaxon has the ability to respond to major incidents and mass notifications.  This will let your administrator know your status during an emergency or disruption.

Your administrator will include appropriate responses for the type of notification. The default is 'I'm affected', however this can be different for every notification.

We call this functionality 'Action Responses'.

You can let your administrator know your status by selecting the appropriate Action Response.

Action Responses are available on all recipient notification channels.

Web Dashboard

Go to Dashboard and click on the Action Response at the top right of the notification you would like to respond to.

If there is a down arrow next to the action response (as in the screenshot below) click on the arrow to show all responses available.

Smartphone App

You can respond to a notification by pressing one of the buttons that is available with the notification.

For example, in the image above, you can press “I’m affected” button on either screen to notify the IT Service Desk that you are impacted by the incident.

Notifications can include up to five different response options. If you see a down arrow next to the first option, click this to show the remaining options.

When you receive a notification please review and engage with the options. They provide important information about whether you are impacted, your safety and productivity.

For further information please refer to the Klaxon Smartphone App user guide page here.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams notifications appear as an instant message. The appearance of this differs depending on the version of Microsoft Teams software being used.

When the instant message is opened, you can respond to the notification by clicking on the links provided.


SMS notifications appear on your Smartphone or mobile phone as a standard text message. The text itself provides the instructions for responding. For example reply with 1 for 'Im affected'.


Voice notifications will automatically call the telephone number you have configured in Klaxon. The notification will be read out over the phone, including any responses that are available. The telephone keypad can be used to select the desired response.

Web Browser Notifications - Windows computers

Web Browser notifications on Windows computers typically pop up at the bottom left of the screen and look like the screenshot below.

You can select a response by clicking on it, or click anywhere in the notification to open the Klaxon web portal.

Useful info:

  • Web Browser notifications only appear if your Web Browser is running or has been configured by your IT administrator to run in the background.
  • A maximum of two responses can be shown on Web Browser notifications. This is a limitation of the Web Browser itself.

Web Browser Notifications - Apple Mac

Apple Mac notifications do not show the action responses. This is a limitation of the way notifications work in Apple OSX.

Click 'More' on the notification to see the web dashboard, and select an action response from there.

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