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FEATURE: Planned Maintenance Calendar sync to your email/calendar client to improve usability.  You will no longer have to visit Klaxon Site to view maintenance to plan for weekend or out of hours work. Instead, the relevant maintenance items will be synced to your calendar with up-to-date information.

  • Sync 14 day before and after today (to limit data transfer)
  • Link is specific to the User and data is based on user default office location
  • Calendar item will show as “Free” time on calendar
  • Calendar is Read-only. Any user edits locally will be over-written after each re-sync
  • Supports any email / calendar client that uses secure webcals protocol
  • Sync frequency depending on settings of the client (30 mins default for Outlook desktop client). Click Send/Receive All to manually sync.
  • By Syncing to Outlook Web Calendar, it will automatically create the sync calendar on Outlook Desktop Client and Outlook Mobile Client

Other mobile client (i.e. ios calendar, blackberry, etc) will need to be setup separately using webcals link

This guide will show you step by step instructions on how to add the planned maintenance calendar to the following:

A. MS Outlook Client for Windows [RECOMMENDED]

B. Microsoft Office 365 Web Outlook - using Webcals Link

A. Sync to MS Outlook Client for Windows

Step 1: Go to Klaxon Planned Maintenance and scroll to bottom page to find “Sync to Your Calendar” section.  Click 'Outlook Calendar'.

planned maintenance details screen

Step 2: Click 'Open' when a pop-up below appears

Calendar Sync  - PopUp

Step 3: Click 'Yes' when asked to add this internet calendar to outlook.

Calendar Sync  - Add to Outlook

Step 4: Outlook will start to sync the calendar

Calendar Sync 5

Step 5: Planned Maintenance items will appear in outlook calendar

Calendar Sync 6

NOTE: To manually refresh calendar items, go to Send/Receive tab and click 'Send/Receive All Folders' button.

B. Sync to Microsoft Office 365 Web Outlook (using Webcal link)

Step 1: Go to Klaxon Planned Maintenance

planned maintenance calendar view export to outlook google

and scroll to the bottom of the page to find “Sync to Your Calendar” section.  Click 'Copy link' and the URL will be copied.

Step 2: Launch on a web browser and sign in if prompted.  You mailbox will be presented.  Please click the calendar icon at the bottom left of the page.  

Calendar Sync - Add calendar

Step 3: Click 'Add calendar' button.  

Calendar Sync - Add calendar

Step 4: Select Subscribe from web > Paste the URL

Calendar Sync - Add calendar

Step 5:  Type 'Klaxon Planned Maintenance' for the calendar name field.  Select Colour and Charm if desired.  Click 'IMPORT' button.

Calendar Sync - Add to Calendar

Klaxon Planned Maintenance calendar will be displayed as below.

Calendar Sync - Outlook Web Calendar

NOTE: Frequency of sync for Office 365 Outlook Web is determined by Microsoft, hence you may not get the latest update as frequently compared to sync to Outlook Client.

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