Klaxon Smartphone App User Guide

The Klaxon smartphone app allows user to receive push notification in real-time from your employer, service provider, university or government organisation to send you an emergency notification and incidents notification affecting you. Get instant notifications regarding service outages such as office closures, IT systems, safety threats and more straight to your mobile.

In this guide, we will take you through setting up Klaxon App on your smartphone and walk through some of the main features.

For the administration guide including how to send notifications from Klaxon App, please follow this link.  

1) Setting up the Klaxon App on your Smartphone

There are 2 options to set up Klaxon App on your smartphone.

Option A - Set up with Email Invite, or

Option B - Download and Scan QR code

We recommend option 1 as it is the easiest without logging on to the Klaxon site.  This guide below will detail both methods of signing in.

OPTION A - Set up with Email invite

STEP 1: You should have received an invite below from Klaxon. Check the Spam folder if you cannot find the invite or request a new invite from your administrator.

You will need to open the following invite email on your smartphone and tap on 'Apple App Store' or 'Google Play' button to download the App. Importantly, once the download is completed, please return to the email on your smartphone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that for security reasons, the invite will only be valid for 24 hours. If your invite has expired, please request a new invite from your administrator.

Email Invite

STEP 2: Download Klaxon App

Depending on the type of device, one of the following screens should appear. Follow the appropriate on-screen steps to download the app.  If the Klaxon App is already installed on your device, please skip this step.  

NOTE: Please return to the email invite once this step is complete.  

Klaxon App Store


If you are unable to find Klaxon App on the App Store, this indicates that your device requires an update or we no longer support the older version of the phone systems. Unfortunately, we will be unable to downgrade. Please speak to your administrator for other alternatives.  

STEP 3: Accepting Invite

Once you have returned to the email invite, please click 'Accept Invite' button and this will log you into Klaxon App automatically.

Klaxon Accept Invite

OPTION B: Download and Scan QR code

STEP 1: Please visit the Apple App Store/Google Play Store and search for "Klaxon", then install the app.

Klaxon app in App Store and Google Play
Klaxon Dashboard

STEP 2:  From a PC / Laptop, please launch Klaxon on a browser using the link provided by your IT administrator i.e. app.klaxon.io.

From here, click 'My Profile' from the left menu bar. In the ‘Notify by’ section, turn on ‘Smartphone App’, as shown below and a QR Code will appear on screen.

Scan QR Code to logon to Klaxon App

Step 3: On your smartphone, please launch the Klaxon app and click "SCAN" button.  When prompted, click OK to allow the app to access your camera. Proceed to scan your unique QR code on-screen.

Scan QR Code


Accept Notification

You’re now subscribed to the Smartphone app.

Subscribed to Klaxon

2) Viewing Notifications

Once you've subscribed, notifications will appear on your Smartphone.  Klaxon uses your Smartphone notification settings to show you notifications. Please refer to your Smartphone user guide for help customising the way notifications are shown on your Smartphone.

Once clicked on the notification, the Klaxon app will launch and details of the item will be displayed.  Here are some examples.

Klaxon Notification Example 1

Klaxo Notification Example 2

You can visit the Klaxon Smartphone dashboard at any time. This page will automatically be displayed when you open the Klaxon app. It will show you a list of major incidents and mass notifications that are for you. Tap on the notification to view more details.

Dashboard and view details

3) Responding to notifications

You can respond to a notification by pressing one of the buttons that is available with the notification.

For example, in the image above, you can press “I’m affected” button on either screen to notify the Incident Manager that you are impacted by the incident.

Notifications can include up to five different response options. If you see a down arrow next to the first option, click this to show the remaining options.

When you receive a notification please review and engage with the options. They provide important information about whether you are impacted, your safety and productivity.

Respond to Notification

4) Viewing planned maintenance

You can view planned maintenance by opening the Klaxon app and clicking on 'Planned Maintenance'. This will show planned maintenance by date. Tap on each maintenance item to display detail information of selected item.

Klaxon Smartphone Planned Maintenance Dashboard

5) Customising your notification preferences

You can configure your major incident communication preferences via the Smartphone app. This provides a convenient method of keeping your preferences up to date while you are on the go.

Note: It is also important to keep your mobile number up to date to receive mass notifications.

Launch the Klaxon Smartphone app, and click on the menu button

(top left) and select "Profile", the following screen will be displayed:

Klaxon Profile page

Mobile number: Enter (or check if it's already completed) your mobile number. This is used to send you SMS and call notifications.
Location: Enter your default working location. If you change location in the future, please remember to update Klaxon.

Select Location

Subscriptions: Select the subscriptions that you are interested in receiving notifications about. You can search for specific subscriptions if required.

Klaxon Smartphone Subscriptions Selector

Notification Channels: Select how you would like to receive notifications from the options available.

Klaxon Smartphone Notification Channels Selector

Notification Time Preference: Select the days and time window that you would like to receive notifications.

Klaxon Smartphone Notification Time Preferences

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