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Helps you coordinate your response to a cyber-incident

Klaxon is an essential part of your toolkit for managing cyber incidents.


Responding to a cyber-incident

It's critically important that your stakeholders know what they can and cannot do during a cyber-incident. A wrong move could risk data loss, propagation of malware or loss of important forensic information.

During a cyber-incident,  Klaxon helps you communicate your recovery plans instantly en masse. 


Works when your systems are down

Your core IT systems might not be available during a cyber-incident, so how do you communicate with your people? No problem. Klaxon is cloud based and does not require any of your core IT systems to be available to help you manage your response.

it business man in network server room have problems and looking for  disaster situation  solution

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Built to help your business run more smoothly

Broadcast critical notifications and alerts to dispersed users, dependant on their location, department or software - ensuring that users never miss a notification and your business can run more smoothly. 


Builds confidence

During a cyber-incident your people are likely to be spooked by the smallest of messages that pop up on their phones or computers. What does the message mean, could this be malware? This could easily flood your IT Service Desk and security teams.

Robust communication during a cyber-incident,  helps build confidence, maintain productivity and reduce pressure on your recovery teams.


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Supports recovery decision making

Understanding the full impact of a cyber-incident is vitally important for planning your response and recovery.

Klaxon helps you to engage in two way communication with your end users in a structured way. The information that you receive helps inform critical recovery decisions.


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