"Business Day" means any weekday other than a bank or public holiday in England;

Business Hours" means the hours of 08:00 to 18:00 GMT/BST on a Business Day;

Emergency Support Service" means the support service delivered under the Emergency Support Service Hours, for Priority 1 incidents only.

Emergency Support Service Hours" means all the hours outside of Business Hours including weekends and UK bank holidays.

Priority 1 incident" means Klaxon platform is unavailable or there is a failure with the Klaxon platform that is impacting the standard functionality to send notifications to multiple recipients.

Priority 2 incident" means the Klaxon platform is working, however, the performance is reduced; or a minor element of Klaxon the platform is not working as expected.

Priority 3 incident" means the Klaxon platform is working, however, a minor operational incident has been experienced such as a suspected notification delivery failure.

Priority 4 incident" means a request for help about how the Klaxon platform works; request for help with the administrative/configuration side of Klaxon; or a request for information about Klaxon.

Uptime" means the percentage of time during a given period when Klaxon is available at the gateway between public internet and the network of the Klaxon application.

1        Introduction
1.1        This policy sets out the service levels that Klaxon will provide to the Customer for the Klaxon service.
1.2        References in this Policy to "you" are to any customer for Klaxon and any individual user of Klaxon (and "your" should be construed accordingly); and references in this Policy to "us" are to identify provider (and "we" and "our" should be construed accordingly).

2        Availability Service Level
2.1        Klaxon shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the availability for Klaxon is at least 99.9% during each calendar month.
2.2        Klaxon shall be responsible for measuring uptime, and shall do so using any reasonable methodology.
2.3        The following shall not be considered when calculating whether Klaxon has met the Availability Service Level:
(a)          a Force Majeure Event;
(b)         a fault or failure of the internet or any public telecommunications network;
(c)          a fault or failure of the Customer's computer systems or networks;
(d)         a fault with the Microsoft Azure hosting environment that is outside the control of Klaxon;(e)          any breach by the Customer of this Agreement; or
(f)           scheduled or emergency maintenance carried out in accordance with this Agreement.

3        Maintenance
3.1        Klaxon undertake scheduled maintenance on a regular basis to apply updates and fixes and to maintain the performance and security of Klaxon (“Scheduled Maintenance”).
3.2        Klaxon shall use reasonable endeavours to provide all Scheduled Maintenance outside of Business Hours.
3.3        Klaxon reserve the right to undertake urgent non-scheduled maintenance at any time, if Klaxon determines that not doing so will risk the integrity, security or availability of Klaxon (“Non-scheduled Maintenance”).
3.4        The Response Service Level and Availability Service Level do not apply during Scheduled Maintenance or Non-scheduled Maintenance.

4        Support Service
4.1        Klaxon shall make available an email and online based remote support service (“Support Service”) for incidents that impact the Klaxon service.
4.2       Klaxon shall deliver the Support Service during Business hours, unless the order form includes the Emergency Support Service.
4.3       If Emergency Support Service is included on the order form, then an Emergency Support Service shall operate over the Emergency Support Service Hours for Priority 1 incidents only ("Emergency Support Service").
4.4        The Customer may use the Support Service for the purposes of requesting and, where applicable, receiving support for the Klaxon service only.
4.5        Klaxon shall ensure that the Support Service is accessible by email and an online platform.
4.6        The Customer shall ensure that all requests to the Support Service are made from up to three named contacts on the order form or as agreed with us.
4.7        The Support Service shall be provided remotely, save to the extent that the parties agree otherwise in writing.
4.8        Incidents raised through the Support Service shall be categorised as follows:
(a)          critical: Klaxon are inoperable, or a core function of Klaxon is unavailable;
(b)         serious: a core function of Klaxon is significantly impaired;
(c)          moderate: a core function of Klaxon is impaired, where the impairment does not constitute a serious issue; or a non-core function of Klaxon is significantly impaired; and
(d)         minor: any impairment of Klaxon not falling into the above categories; and any cosmetic issue affecting Klaxon.
4.9        Klaxon shall determine, acting reasonably, into which severity category an incident fall into.
4.10        Klaxon shall use reasonable endeavours to respond to Support Services requests promptly, and in any case in accordance with the following time periods:
(a)         Priority 1 incident -  critical: 4 Business Hours (and Emergency Support Service Hours if Emergency Support is listed on the order form);
(b)         Priority 2 - serious: 8 Business Hours;
(c)          Priority 3 - moderate: 2 Business Days; and
(d)         Priority 4 - minor: 5 Business Days.
4.11        Klaxon shall have no obligation to provide the Support Service in respect of any issue caused by:
(a)          the improper use of Klaxon by you; or
(b)         any alteration to Klaxon made without the prior consent of us.