Why you should invest in a modern communications system

Neil Conchie
August 25, 2021 8:15 AM

In the case of an emergency, communicating with your team in a timely and effective manner is key to the way you respond and recover from an adverse event. We discuss why a modern emergency communication system is a worthwhile investment.

Improved Efficiency

Having a modern emergency communications system allows for better efficiency with advanced reporting and data management, as well as freeing up your Support Desk to deal with the situation rather than trying to get messages out. It can also be that a legacy system might be relying on out of date information that is not updated regularly, meaning that people who need the information are potentially missed.

Lower costs

A lot of emergency communication systems have not been updated to move with the advances in technology and modern working practices which can mean that they are cumbersome and potentially costly to try and adapt to modern smartphone technology and to ensure that they can keep pace with current working practices. Having a modern communications system ensures that you can keep up with technology and always get your messages out when you need to.

Employee safety

Whilst improving efficiency and lowering costs is important, the most important aspect of your emergency communication software is that it keeps your employees safe. A modern solution is likely to be faster and can offer assurances that your critical messages are delivered whilst also providing a conduit through which to have two-way communication to ensure that you can help those who need it most and follow up with those who have not yet responded to ensure their safety.

Many forward-thinking businesses and organisations are looking at how a modern communication system can revolutionise how they deal with a situation and ensure the safety of their employees.

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