What to expect from your emergency notification system

Neil Conchie
April 15, 2021 1:53 PM

Evaluating an emergency notification system is an important part of planning for any potential incidents in your company or organisation, but what sort of things should you be expecting from your system?

Ease of use

This is arguably one of the most important things to expect of any system that you are looking to implement into your company, but especially an emergency notification system. When thinking about ease of use, you need to think about it from both the administrators’ and users’ points of view, so that both sending and receiving/responding to messages is as seamless as possible.

Performance and Reliability

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to have an emergency to deal with, you need to know that your chosen platform will perform as expected, as well as providing assurances that critical messages have been delivered reliably.


Finding the perfect solution may look different when you first start compared to what you might need eventually. Whilst email might suffice while your team is relatively small, if your team were to grow, how would the system you’ve chosen keep up? It is reasonable to expect your chosen platform to scale with your business.

Platform Costs

The cost of subscribing to or running the platform should be accessible and make sense to your business and be reasonable in line with the cost of any downtime, which varies depending on the type of incident and whilst cost shouldn’t be the main focus of your decision, it is certainly an important point.

Features and Functionality

There may be certain features and functionality that you expect from your emergency communications platform which will allow you to communicate more effectively and quickly with your team. Some of the features that you might expect are two-way communication, the ability to send messages based on user groups, or even multi-channel communications to ensure that your messages are received.

What do you expect from your emergency notifications platform?

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