Using the Klaxon Template Library

Neil Conchie
February 23, 2021 9:15 AM

Having templates available for an incident or emergency can lower your response time to an incident or emergency and help you to keep your team safe.

Suppose you have recently conducted a business threat or risk assessment. In that case, you are likely to know the sort of incidents that could happen and affect your company, and this is where templates come in with your incident management communication.

Within the Klaxon platform, it is possible to set up template notifications for any incidents that you have identified as potential threats. They can contain lots of different information and a variety of response options.

These templates can include a variety of different media from plain text, links and images to ensure that your staff have access to the latest guidelines and policies to keep them safe. You can also add response options to gather feedback instantly from your users as to whether they are affected or not.

One example we’ve seen recently of this is the use of a template for COVID-19 updates. If there is a positive case in the workplace or a sudden change in the government guidance, the template can be sent within seconds from anywhere in our Klaxon Mobile App to all users in the affected location/s to inform them they must work from home or book a COVID test.

This same principle can be applied to any incidents that you have identified as a possibility whether that is an IT incident, a weather event or a service outage.

How would you use templates to speed up your business communications? If you’d like to see the templates in action, click here to book a personalised demo