Staff Picks - Our 3 favourite Klaxon features

Neil Conchie
January 27, 2021 9:15 AM

Not sure what you’re looking for in your Emergency Notification software? We thought we’d share some of our favourite Klaxon features and how they can benefit you.

1. Easy-to-use mobile-first interface

Easily our favourite feature has to be the easy-to-use interface we’ve built that will allow you to reach your team wherever they, or you, are. Our platform allows you to send notifications within a few clicks, or if you cannot access a desktop or laptop computer, the administrator interface can also be used on your mobile device via the Klaxon app. The app also works for your team, allowing them to receive notifications in a way which is meaningful to them, wherever they are in the world. Our mobile-first approach means that the platform is flexible as well as fast which is a massive thumbs-up in our book.

2. Notification targeting

Giving you the option of who to target is just as important as how you can target them, especially in large organisations. It is often the case that an incident doesn’t affect your entire team, so notifying everyone would not be an effective way to communicate. This blanket approach could also lead to your staff becoming desensitised to your alerts leading to important information being missed or ignored. Segmenting your employees into areas of operation or physical locations allows you to send notifications only to those who are affected and need to see it.

3. Two-way communication

What happens if you don’t know how far an incident reaches? How do you accurately measure who is most affected? Our solution to this is two-way communications. The Klaxon platform allows you to gather responses from your team so that you can plan your incident response more effectively, especially in the case of physical incidents where your team could be in real danger – knowing who has or hasn’t responded and how they responded could be crucial to your duty of care as an employer or manager. As well as collecting the information, the Klaxon App shows you the data in real time, on whichever device you have available at the time.

What other features do you look for in emergency notification solutions? Let us know in the comments, and if you’d like a closer look at any of these features, why not schedule a demo?