4 telltale signs you need to reboot your incident communication

Dan Simms
June 18, 2019 9:21 AM

We regularly work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are a number of telltale signs that a business is ready to change the way they communicate during an incident. 



1. You like to wait until everything is fixed

If you wait until everything is fixed or until you know the cause of the incident before you send out communication to the rest of your team then it's likely it will have already affected users.


If users don't receive communication around an issue then they're likely to presume they need to raise a ticket with the service desk, which leads onto the next point:




2. The phone is constantly ringing

Your service desk will be inundated by queries about the incident if you're not sending out initial response communications and regular updates. It's important that this is addressed with an amended incident communication policy to save everyone time!



3. Everyone already knows

If your colleagues in your business units send communication about an incident before you do this is a clear telltale sign that your incident communication policy needs updating.



4. You're ignored - all the time

This could be the result of your sending out too many notifications, or it could be the result of nobody knowing who you are! If the recipients of your communications ignore you or create Outlook rules to automatically file your communications then it's time to reboot your incident communications. 

Implement a tool that allows users to easy confirm they've read your notification, or that they've been affected. This way, you'll also get a far more accurate overview of the scale of the incident too. 



If any of these resonate at your business, then you might need to reboot the way you communicate during an incident.



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