Onboarding your users the easy way with Klaxon

Neil Conchie
July 28, 2021 2:07 PM

In a large organisation, it can be a daunting prospect to onboard a new piece of software to all of your users and ensure that it is set up correctly. We’ve made this process as simple as possible in our platform, and you’ve always got the support of our team too.

There are a few different ways you can onboard your users to the Klaxon platform, and in most cases, this will be done using automatic provisioning by our team when we get you set up.

You are able to add users individually as new employees join your team, to do this you can go to Configuration > Users and then click Add New.

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 14.34.13

You will be presented with a form as seen above to fill in which will allow you to add the information about your new user such as their email address and what groups or locations they need to be added to. You are even able to assign a password to each user or leave the field blank to allow them to set their own password.

Another key part of this process is assigning them a role (roles can be customized, but please do speak with our team about this). By default, there are 5 roles, Administrator, Major Incident Manager, Mass Notification Manager, Planned Maintenance Manager and Subscriber.

Administrators can perform operational administration, including User management, Service List management, and Location Management.

Major Incident Managers can add, edit, update and delete major incidents.

Mass Notification Managers can add, edit, update and delete mass notifications.

Planned Maintenance Managers can add, edit, update and delete planned maintenance items.

Subscribers role can access the Klaxon web dashboard, Smartphone app and view/receive major incidents, mass notifications and planned maintenance.

If you have a few new users to import all at once, you can also take advantage of our bulk import function which allows for the uploading of a CSV file.

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 14.34.03

Once you are on the platform, you can choose to ‘Download user import template’ and add the users into this template before reuploading to the platform with a default role and location to add them to your system.

These features will allow your administration team to quickly and easily add new users to the platform and your users will receive emails inviting them to log in and update their password and set their own communication preferences.

If you have users who have missed the onboarding emails or have not yet logged in, our platform can target those too! You can simply resend invitations to users who have not yet logged in to the platform inviting them to do so.

Migrating your users to a new mass notification system doesn’t need to be difficult, and our platform is designed with this in mind to save your IT teams time and frustration.

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