How our customers are using Klaxon during the pandemic

Neil Conchie
November 4, 2020 10:21 AM

We are constantly adapting to ‘new normals’ in the current climate, so how are some of our customers using Klaxon during this time?

As we head into another period of tougher national restrictions, we thought it was a good time to look at how some of our customers have been using Klaxon throughout the pandemic to ensure effective communication and business continuity during this period of flux.


Having a plan is important when it comes risk management and especially when dealing with the pandemic, and some of our customers are using the Klaxon platform as part of their planning process. To ensure that they are prepared, they have been using and creating alert templates so that when they need to communicate the process can be done as quickly as possible, but also so that the communication can be sent by anyone in the case of a key member of your team being absent.

Keeping People Informed

As the guidelines change and evolve, it is important to have a system in place to inform your team quickly and efficiently if there is a change that will affect their working days. This is another way that some of our customers are using the platform by leveraging the maintenance dashboard to display the latest guidance, whether that is working from home information or infection control measures within the workplace. They are able to keep all their policy and guidance in once place where it is easy for their team to find, but it is also easy for them to keep updated.

Having a multi-channel option for delivery of messages has also been cited as an area of specific benefit as more and more of our customers are seeing their workforces becoming remote, or working from home. This means that some of the traditional ways they have communicated with their staff is no longer effective, so new methods are being sought.

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Prevention & Control

The ability to assign locations to contacts allows our customers to take control of the prevention and control process in the case of an outbreak. If one of their employees has a positive Coronavirus test, they are able to alert those who have worked in the same locations as the infected person based on the location tagging they did during the planning process to notify them of the need to self-isolate or to book a test.

Maintaining Essential Business Operations

In the case of an essential member of staff falling ill or having to self-isolate, communicating a change in normal operating procedures is a key part of how our customers are using Klaxon during the pandemic with the speed and ease of sending out mass notifications to ensure business continuity being a huge advantage in these unprecedented times.

What plans are you putting in place for the next wave of tougher restrictions?

If the thought of communicating effectively and ensuring business continuity throughout the pandemic fills you with dread, why not get in touch to see how our platform can help you.