Four easy ways to prepare your business for extreme weather

Dan Simms
June 15, 2020 7:55 PM

Bad weather can strike at any time. In the UK we experience heavy rain and flooding regularly, not to mention the odd snow storm. These weather events have the potential to cause real disruption to your business continuity through flooding of property or absenteeism when staff can’t travel, so how can you be prepared for these eventualities to help keep your organisation safe and productive?

  1. Weather alerting service- Sign up to reputable weather alerting service to provide you with an advanced warning about the weather in the areas that you operate in, including the areas that key staff live. By having an advance warning of weather events that are likely to affect your business you can make plans to ensure business continuity.
  2. Business Continuity- Ensure your business continuity plan is up to date and test it regularly. Regular reviewing and testing is the best way to ensure that you can handle any crises and by finding any faults early you can rectify them before an incident happens.
  3. Remote Working– Make sure that you're remote working systems are capable of dealing with peak demand and tested regularly. As mentioned in the point above, identifying any faults in your system allows for you to rectify them and not risk damaging your business continuity.
  4. Communication– Invest in a communication solution and ensure it is up to date with new staff details and leavers.

Do you have a plan in place to ensure business continuity and emergency communications in the case of extreme weather? Let us know in the comments.