Eight ways Klaxon can help your organisation - Klaxon.io

Dan Simms
July 1, 2020 7:06 PM

Klaxon brings many different benefits to organisations - we've picked our top eight below. 

  1. Reach a large number of people, quickly, using multiple devices and communication channels.
  2. Helps to reduce cost and lost production during a crisis, through targeted timely instructions about what to do and not do.
  3. Two way communications allows you to ask questions, understand the status of your people, manipulate the results in a structured way and take appropriate action.
  4. Provides a reportable audit trail to demonstrate what messages were sent, when and if those messages were received, helping to demonstrate an active duty of care.
  5. Shifts operational focus from reactive to proactive during an emergency, helping you recover from the emergency quicker.
  6. Independent of your IT systems, so that you can communicate even if your IT systems are unavailable.
  7. Helps avoid email fatigue by providing you with multiple options for targeting communications.
  8. Supports organisations demonstrate a fiduciary duty to its staff, suppliers and clients.