5 signs that you need to upgrade your emergency communications system

Neil Conchie
May 7, 2021 11:00 AM

Having an effective emergency notification system is important to ensure that you can keep your team safe, informed, and productive. We look at some of our top signs that you need to upgrade your communications system.

1. Your employees don’t receive messages in time

Ensuring that your messages are received quickly is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and keeping everyone safe. If the system that you are currently using does not allow for the fast delivery of messages then it is time to find a new system.

2. Your employees receive the wrong messages

If your employees are receiving notifications that are not relevant to them consistently, then they are likely to switch off from the notifications that they do receive so critical information could be easily missed. Having a system that is capable of segmenting your users to ensure they only receive notifications that matter to them is a really important part of emergency communications.

3. Not all your messages are being delivered

Having messages not delivered means that critical information that will keep your business running and employees safe will not be seen which can lead to further business disruption or even impact the safety of your employees. If the system that you are using does not provide assurances of messages delivered, it is certainly time to find a new one.

4. You cannot communicate with your offline employees

If an incident affects your business outside of office hours, how do you contact those employees who are not connected to your company infrastructure and may not have access to emails or the intranet? An effective emergency communication system will allow for multi-channel notifications to ensure that all your employees are reached.

5. You cannot measure the effectiveness of communications

Measure the effectiveness of your communications allows you to see how many people are affected, the delivery rate of your messages, and to track who has not opened or responded to a notification. This is another essential feature of an emergency communications platform and cannot be overlooked.

Is your current emergency notification system up to standard?

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