Adding Klaxon App for Teams

This section below will guide your organisation’s MS Team administrator to add Klaxon App and deploy it to all users within your organisation. Should you require separate policies to be set up with specific requirements, please kindly consult Microsoft Team documentation.

Installing Klaxon App and teams Policy Setup

From MS Teams Admin Centre, go to Teams Apps > Manage Apps and click the [+ Upload] button from the table menu.

On the Upload, a custom app window, select the ZIP file downloaded and click Open.

To add the Klaxon app to your MS Team store, go to Teams Apps > Setup Policies. Click on “Global (Org-wide default)” to perform the following steps:

  • On the Installed App section, click the [+ Add Apps] button
  • type “Klaxon” to search for app
  • Click the [Add] button to complete

Klaxon should now show on the Install Apps list.

To allow easy access, you can choose to pin Klaxon App on MS Teams left navigation bar. From Teams Apps > Setup Policies, click on “Global (Org-wide default)” policy and go to the “Pinned Apps” section to perform the following steps:

  • Click [+ Add Apps] button
  • Type “Klaxon” in the Search by name field, and Klaxon App will be highlighted
  • Click the [Add] button next to Klaxon App
  • Click the [Add] button to save the configuration
  • Scroll on the Pinned App list to find Klaxon
  • Select Klaxon App and click the [Move Up] button to move icon to the desired location

Once the policy is updated on users’ MS Teams client, Klaxon App will be visible on the navigation menu.

ADVISORY NOTE: For the policy to be updated on Teams client, users might need to re-login to MS Teams to take effect as the policy is cached locally.

To set permission to allow the user to use Klaxon App, go to Teams App > Permission Policies.

Click the “Global (Org-wide default)” link or add a new policy; please set the following: Custom apps setting should set to either

  • “Allow all apps”, or
  • “Allow specific apps and block all others” and Add Klaxon as the allowed app.

To confirm Klaxon App is added successfully, go to MS Teams Client, log on as a user. Click on the [Apps] button on the bottom left menu. You should see the following in “Built for your org” section.

To test the configuration, please logon to Klaxon via and send a notification.

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