Creating Mass Notifications

The Klaxon mass notification module allows you to send mass notifications directly to your recipients, regardless of their subscription or notification preferences.

This differs from the major incident functionality, in that with the mass notification module you describe the notification you would like to send, and the target and Klaxon will send the notification.

There are three steps to sending a mass notification.

Firstly, go to the Web dashboard ->  (top right) > select Mass Notification or another mass notification template that you have created.

Step 1: Build

sending out a mass notification details screen

On the screen above, please complete the appropriate fields:

  • Title: Enter a title for your notification. This will be shown on the web dashboard.
  • Priority: Select appropriate status for the mass notification.
  • Notification Text: Enter the text you would like to be sent with the notification.
  • How recipients receive this notification: Select the channels that you would like to use to send the notification.
  • Private: Tick this box if you would like to make this notification private. This means that only the recipients of the notification will be able to see it on the web dashboard.
  • Customise Action Responses: Select any action responses you would like to be included with the notification. These allow the recipients to quickly respond to you.

Click Next.

Step 2: Target

mass notification target audience selection

For the screen above, please complete the following fields and click Save button. Once clicked, Klaxon will send a notification to the targeted subscribers.

  • Groups: Select a group to target the notification to specific groups only.
  • Locations: Select a group to target the notification to specific locations only.

Useful info:

  • Groups and Locations work together to narrow the recipients that are targeted.
  • If you would like to send a notification to everyone in a group, then select all locations.

Step 3: Send

Once step 2 above is completed click ‘Send’ to send the notification.

The new mass notification will be displayed on the Klaxon web dashboard page.

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