Customized Websites for Corporate Emergencies

Custom Pages

Custom Pages Feature in Klaxon can be used to publish Customized Websites for Corporate use incase of emergencies.

Creating Custom Pages

  • Navigate towards the left panel of Klaxon, Click on Configuration Tab, and below in the drop-down list click on the Custom Pages option.
  • Click on Add New Web Page.
  • Fill in the details as required.
  1. Page Name: Enter the name of the Website.
  2. Content: Fill in the details/ images which need to be published on the website.
  3. Visible to: Select the role of users who can access this website. By default, if no Role is selected then this page will be displayed to all roles.
  4. Is Published: If selected the page will be published to the Corporate Emergency Website in Smartphone App as well as on the Klaxon Web application.
  5. Make Available offline on Smartphone App: If selected the page will be available in the Klaxon App for smartphones, even when the phone is not having an internet connection.
  6. Document Version: Enter the Document version.
  7. Comment: Add the comments.
  • After filling in the details click on the save button.

Viewing the Custom Website

On Klaxon smartphone App

  • Login to Klaxon app from your smartphone, and click on the Sidebar button shown in the below image.
  • Click on the Corporate emergency website.
  • The page will open with the list of websites created as shown below, select the one you want to view.

 On Klaxon Website

  • Login to the Klaxon desktop application, navigate to the left sidebar, and click on the Corporate Emergency Website option.
  • A list of Custom pages created will be shown, select the one to be viewed.

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