Overview of Klaxon

Klaxon helps organisations to keep their people safe, informed and productive during a disruption or emergency.

Klaxon a cloud-based major incident, mass notification solution and planned maintenance solution.

Klaxon is designed to support multiple use cases including:

  • IT Downtime communication.
  • Cyber Incident communication.
  • Disaster Recovery communication.
  • Business Continuity communication such as floods, pandemic outbreaks and bomb scares.
  • General informational communications such as ‘Parcel has arrived’.
  • Planned maintenance communication.

Klaxon has three modules that are all included in the product:

Major Incidents

Klaxon allows you to describe the major incident, including the services that are impacted by the incident.

Klaxon will then send out notifications to people that have subscribed to the service that is impacted, using their notification preferences. Almost all aspects of the way notifications are received can be customised, including the subscription, the time of the day and how the notification is received (Smartphone app, SMS, Email, etc.).

With the major incident module, your recipients are in full control of if/how/when they receive notifications.

The major incident module is typically used by IT and Facilities teams. However, its use case is not limited to just IT and Facilities.

Mass notifications

Klaxon allows authorised administrators to send out mass notifications to groups of people using the notification preferences that you select. It is subtly different from the major incident module in that the recipients of the notifications do not subscribe to changes in services. Instead, the administrator selects if/when/how the recipient receives the notification.

The mass notification module is typically used by IT, Facilities teams, Operations Teams, Business Continuity Teams, Disaster Recovery Teams, Cyber Security/Information Security Teams.

Planned Maintenance

Klaxon allows you to schedule planned maintenance, and communicate this to recipients. Klaxon will send out a weekly digest of planned maintenance to the recipients. These can easily be added to your calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook.

With the planned maintenance module, your recipients are in full control of if/how/when recipients receive planned maintenance notifications.

Find all the help you need to get started with Klaxon. Learn how to add locations, technologies and how to manage, create and update incidents in your platform.

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