What's new?

What's new?

October 2021 release


  • user will be able to create and manage ticket integrations (eg publishing to public dashboard)
  • administrator will be able to create focused-dashboards which will allow to further segment what's visible on main dashboard, this includes limiting to tickets affecting specific subscriptions/groups/channels/integrations or having specific status or being created via specific template or having at least 1 user response, additionally it can be further limited to be used by users in specific roles
  • Users will be able to view live notification feed on website (this also includes full-screen version)


  • users will be able to log in with never-expiring token in their browser - this will help with klaxon being used in hands-off scenario. Eg bigscreen
  • user will be able to create Twitter integration and publish incident (first version, twitter information in very raw from, most users will not have that enabled)

September 2021 release

  • Support for multiple SMS providers 
  • Sms provider is adjustable per company
  • Enabled admin to choose start-time for filtering on table view, eg show only incidents created in last 2 weeks
  • Teams bot message title now contains incident tile
  • When admin creates incident that affects critical service they'll see a note that user selected working times will be ignored and they'll be notified
  • When bulk uploading users admin can specify mobile number (and decide if users should have SMS auto enabled)

June 2021 release

  • Introduce richer user interaction with MS Team Adaptive-card design for notifications
  • Introduce Klaxon notification for a linked MS Teams Channel and all user on the MS Teams Channel will receive the notification
  • User preference update to allow separate control of channel preference for MS Teams and Skype for Business
  • Implemented Skype for Business legacy support solution for company not migrated fully into MS Teams
  • Inbound webhook templating to provide greater flexibility for administrator to customise for integrations with other applications

March 2021 release

  • New MS Team bot framework integration
  • Advance options for administrator to customise Templates for simpler use
  • Inbound webhooks to allow complex data ingestion and trigger additional flow
  • Smartphone app update to include new branding, ability to create and manage Mass Notification
  • User self-serv smartphone re-login without scanning QR code

February 2021 release

  • Further performance improvements with authentication resolution
  • Technical improvements to segregate Mass Notification and Major Incident templates
  • Improved on-boarding with email invite 

January 2021 release

  • Branding changes including changes on web application, smartphone app, email templates and browser notifications.
  • Enabled SMS as additional two factor authentication
  • Infrastructure improvement on monitoring services
  • General performance improvements

December 2020 release

  • Beta release of a new public dashboard - this new feature allows administrators to set-up a public facing dashboard, to allow authenticated/public access to major incidents, mass notifications, planned maintenance and the status of services.
  • Smartphone/tablet first - you can now manage major incidents/mass notifications from the Klaxon smartphone/tablet app!
  • Various Klaxon dashboard performance improvements.

October 2020 release

  • Beta release of an exciting new feature that allows administrators to create and manage major incidents/mass notifications from the Klaxon smartphone/tablet app.
  • Klaxon administrators can now see a summary of responses for major incidents and mass notifications.

September 2020 release

  • New Klaxon smartphone/tablet sign-up option to support rapid rollout. You can now invite your recipients via email to sign into the App without requiring them to scan the QR code. 
  • You can now create information pages pages that'll be visible to specific user roles via all supported platforms (web dashboard, smartphone, etc). These pages are used for policies, plans and other important information.
  • Information pages are available in offline mode on Smartphone devices, allowing recipients to access content even if they do not have access to internet.

Full release notes

The full Klaxon release notes are available here.

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