What's new?

What's new?

April 2020 release

  • Initial release of inbound webhook functionality. The customisable webhook functionality allows administrators to pass data to Klaxon in their preferred format to integrate with third-party solutions. The first use case for this will be the ServiceNow integration, which is in alpha testing.
  • Added a new email merge engine and email templates design.
  • Administrators can create custom SMS sender names and associate them with specific templates.
  • Major incident/mass notification overrides, such as specific channels and ignore user preferences, will be remembered for updates.
  • Notifications created from a specific template will now show the correct template on edit.

Big things in the works

  • Webhooks
    • Full inbound outbound webhook support, to allow automatic creation of major incidents/mass notification and planned notification from external systems, such as monitoring systems;
    • Also providing you with the ability to integrate outbound messaging with third-party systems. For example, when a recipient clicks ‘I’m affected’ this could create a child incident in your IT Service Management tool.
  • ServiceNow integration
    • When you create a major incident in ServiceNow, the integration will create a major incident in Klaxon automatically, ready to be finalised and for the notifications to be sent.
    • When an end-user selects on ‘I’m affected’ in Klaxon, it will automatically create a child incident in ServiceNow.
  • Slack integration.
    • Send Klaxon notifications to your recipients using Slack.

Full release notes

The full Klaxon release notes are available here.

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Three powerful solutions in one

Klaxon includes three powerful modules to power your business:

  • Major Incident Management
  • Mass Notifications
  • Planned Maintenance