What's new?

What's new?

October 2020 release

  • Beta release of an exciting new feature that allows administrators to create and manage major incidents/mass notifications from the smartphone app.
  • Klaxon administrators can now see a summary of responses for major incidents and mass notifications.

September 2020 release

  • New smartphone sign-up option to support rapid rollout. You can now invite your recipients via email to sign into the App without requiring them to scan the QR code. 
  • You can now create information pages pages that'll be visible to specific user roles via all supported platforms (web dashboard, smartphone, etc). These pages are used for policies, plans and other important information.
  • Information pages are available in offline mode on Smartphone devices, allowing recipients to access content even if they do not have access to internet.

August 2020 release

  • The Klaxon application now caches more data where appropriate to improve application performance.
  • When a smartphone registration is removed from the Klaxon application, the Klaxon smartphone app will be automatically logged out.

July 2020 release

  • Planned maintenance calendar synchronisation with Outlook / Gmail calendar
  • Additional audit history for administrator
  • Improved Location Filter on dashboard
  • Further security improvement on API keys for future integrations

June 2020 release

  • Recipients are now able to register and manage multiple smart/tablet devices.
  • Enabled horizontal scaling of the web front end, to deliver additional performance when required.
  • More love and polish applied to our smartphone and tablet app. 2.1.3 is now live in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

May 2020 release

  • Lots and lots of extra love and polish applied to our smartphone and tablet app. 2.06 is now live in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Klaxon administrators now have an option to review, adjust and accept data that arrives into Klaxon via an inbound webhook before it is imported into Klaxon. Administrators will also be notified via email when there's data to be reviewed.
  • SMS text messages sent with a custom SMS sender name (such as your organisations name) now work with action responses, by allowing recipients to reply to a specific telephone number.
  • ServiceNow integration now in beta testing. The admin guide page is available here.

Full release notes

The full Klaxon release notes are available here.

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