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Helps you manage your offices and remote workers together

Easily target notifications based on locations, groups and subscriptions


Reduce alert fatigue

Keep your people engaged with notifications by isolating notifications away from the noise of everyday BAU. 

Reduce the fatigue of email communication by using any of the seven communication channels available in Klaxon to send notifications.

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Send notifications promptly

Create pre-approved templates for frequent notifications, and use these to send out information in seconds when you need to, to maximise the benefit.


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Built to help your business run more smoothly

Broadcast critical notifications to dispersed users, dependant on their location, group, and subscription preferences - ensuring that users never miss a notification and your business can run more smoothly. 


A single place to manage all your planned maintenance

Need a solution to coordinate your water tests, PAT testing, lift maintenance and other planned maintenance? No problem. Klaxon provides you with a single place to do this.


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Communicate with your remote workers in seconds

When your team is dispersed and working remotely, critical notifications can be difficult - with Klaxon, groups are pre-configured and notifications can be sent in seconds.


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