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Powerful incident communications
that works in real-time


Our unified incident communication tool ensures that users never miss critical alerts, receiving instant alerts in real-time. Notify your team of incidents or outages and view services that are unavailable, degraded or restored in our cloud-based status page.


Your team can't afford downtime

Limit downtime in your organisation using Klaxon's powerful platform
to communicate urgent information in real-time. 

Downtime Proof Communications

Carry on with your incident communications even when systems go down, alerts are automatically rerouted to channels that are functional.

Boost Employee Productivity

Limit the amount of time spent on replying to emails that your support team receives during an incident.  

Support Business Continuity 

Execute your business continuity plan at the push of a button with our resilient and disaster proof platform.

Isolate Critical & Key Information

Isolate key information through notifications that don't get lost in the noise of everyday business issues.


Instantly broadcast notifications to any device

Ensure that users receive your alerts by having the ability to send to virtually any device, Klaxon sends alerts through over 7 different communication channels including SMS, Email, Mobile App, Browser, Desktop, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.


Quick glance incident dashboard that's easy to understand

Our cloud-based incident management dashboard acts as a status page for all the team, with a traffic light system to display incidents. This ensures everyone gets clear information on the incident and the steps they should take.


Communication channels

Broadcast critical notifications and alerts to dispersed users using
multiple communication channels that work for everyone.


Email notifications with traffic light
colour coding templates for instant
engagement from users. 

Mobile App

Klaxon's mobile applications for notifications without the additional SMS charge. 


Text message notifications for users with mobile number added that offer read receipts. Additional charges apply. 


Pop-up style notification when browser is open on desktop computer, or desktop app can be installed for on-premise use.

Microsoft Teams and Skype

Pop up notifications on both Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams on both mobile and desktop devices.

Web Status Page

Cloud-based status page dashboard with traffic light colour coding system for quick-glance updates. 

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Easily target communication alerts by location, service, department or technology

Hierarchical targeting for communications means that you can send specific alerts to your users either by location, department, technology or service, enabling you to send the right notification to the right team everytime. 

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Tailored notifications to suit users preferences 

Customise your communication alerts with Klaxon, selecting the days and times that work for users including part-time workers or opting in to receiving alerts 24/7. 


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