For managing building facilities and tenants

Let your tenants or staff know when facilities need to close, whether it's a planned maintenance event or an unexpected emergency in one of your locations.

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Helping you manage your tenants, buildings and offices

How Klaxon can help your organisation to manage all your facilities.


Keep your tenants informed
and connected 

Create pro-active internal communications including instructions on what action you need them to take, or not take.


Easily notify of office and building closures

If extreme weather hits or an unexpected flood occurs, notify tenants instantly so they can make alternative travel arrangements.


Communicate planned outages and events in advance

Allow your tenants to view a calendar or dashboard of facilities that are out of order for maintenance, in advance.

Playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety those within your premises

Effectively communicate with your occupants using any of the seven communication channels available for alerts, with targeted messaging you can eliminate blanket send-to-all type of communications. 

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Built to help your coordinate your occupants and prepare for an emergency

Using a single platform for all of your planned maintenance and emergency communications helps you coordinate your occupants, ensuring that users never miss a notification and your business can run more smoothly. 

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Notify your tenants by location, group or service

Send notifications to the relevant users every time. Target your notifications based on location, group or service when you need to manage your office facilities and tenants.


By location

Send alerts to users based on country, region, building or building floor.


By group

Groups can be based on companies/tenants, departments or divisions of the company.


By service / facility

Alert your occupants by the services that they use, such as particular meeting rooms.

Simple to use, easy to setup

Go from template to notification in seconds with Klaxon's cloud-based communication platform, connected to all your tools.

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Packed with powerful features

Reach your team quickly and with ease.

Multi-channel notifications

Email, SMS, Voice, Mobile App, Microsoft Teams, Skype and more.

Two-way communications

Customisable responses allows staff to mark as safe and more.

Pre-loaded templates

Save time and improve consistency in your communications.

Targeted messaging

Select targeted groups, locations or teams to send your alerts to.

Mandatory alerts

Mass notifications that overrides any user preferences.

Flexible deployment

Enrol users by bulk import to preset preferences or email invite.

"Klaxon is an easy to deploy and robust product that solves a key problem for us - how do we communicate directly to a large group of remote users about issues that affect them."

Nigel S.
Head of IT, Legal Services

"The main dashboard has provided our end users with a reference point for all incidents across the company. The ability to add workaround detail to incidents has vastly improved user experience."

Akash P.
IT Service Delivery, Public Sector

"The set up of Klaxon is really simple, which means you can enjoy the benefits really quickly. Focus - it's really good at its core focus - increasing awareness for the most important information."

Robin G.
Owner, Health, Wellness and Fitness

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"Simple, quick and reliable communication tool"

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