Use Klaxon free of charge during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Use our platform free of charge for 3 months, to communicate efficiently with your employees during the critical events of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Lead your business through the Coronavirus crisis with Klaxon 

Businesses are paying close attention to the growing concerns around Coronavirus, keep your team safe and informed during critical events with instant mass alerts.


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Use Klaxon free of charge for 3 months, during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Ensure everyone is informed and productive

Broadcast critical notifications and alerts to dispersed users, dependant on their location. Use our platform to solve your challenges to connect any audience to important events as soon as they happen.


Easily disseminate information to your teams

Disseminate information and instructions to staff, vendors and partners related to the Coronavirus pandemic with Klaxon's mass communications platform.

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Limit the impact of the pandemic on your business and workforce

Establish an emergency communications plan to respond to a health threat or pandemic outbreak efficiently, limiting the potentially damaging impact on your workforce.

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