Getting started with Klaxon

Find all the help you need to get started with Klaxon. Learn how to add locations, technologies and how to manage, create and update incidents in your platform. 

Major Incidents  

Major incidents are the issues that will display on the homepages of relevant users. If you choose, they’ll also send a notification to all subscribed users.

Creating a Major Incident

In the main menu, choose Major Incidents. Click Add New on the following screen, and you’ll see this pop-up:

Major Incident

Here, you should enter:

  • The incident name
  • The time the incident began
  • Whether the technology is completely unavailable or only partially degraded
  • When users can expect the next update
  • A brief, but clear, description of the issue
  • Whether or not to send a notification. If you check this box, all subscribed users will receive a notification about this issue when you’ve completed the next screen
  • Details of any current workarounds or useful tips

Having set up the incident details, you’ll need to specify the affected technologies and locations.

If you know the names you’re looking for, simply start typing them. If not, you can browse through the currently available Technologies and Locations.

Updating a Major Incident

Need to make a public update about the status of an Incident? Simply go to the incident screen from the main menu and click Update next to the incident in question. You’ll see a list of previous updates (if any), and if any notifications were sent with those updates.

Click Add Update. Simply type any update message, and if you wish to send a notification, check the box before clicking Save.

Resolving a Major Incident

Select Resolve next to the incident on the Incident screen. Then you’ll see a pop-up asking you for a resolution message, time, and whether or not to send a notification. Complete these, and click Save.