Getting started with Klaxon

Find all the help you need to get started with Klaxon. Learn how to add locations, technologies and how to manage, create and update incidents in your platform. 

Adding company branding 

We want Klaxon to feel like an integral part of your organisation. So we’ll help you make it look that way, too.

Upload your company logo

In the main menu, simply choose Management > Visual CustomisationYour company logo will appear in the navigation, and on email alerts.

We recommend a 24-bit PNG format image on a transparent background, at least 200px x 200px. And please try to keep the file size below 100kb to avoid impacting performance.

Upload background image

Go to Management > Public ImagesYou can customise Klaxon to fit in with your company brand by changing the background.

We recommend using images that are at least 1920px x 1080px. Smaller images could looklow quality, and larger images could have a large filesize that impacts performance. Try tokeep background images below 150kb.

We also recommend that you don’t use anything too ‘busy’. Elements of the UI could be hard to see for some of your users.